Maria Shea, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor​
"Maria Shea is such a creative, professional counselor that I hardly know where to begin. I have seen her achieve results in a group setting as well as individual counseling that are so outstanding that years later people will discuss the fantastic outcome. She works with your personal style utilizing a wide variety of tools. I continue to stay in touch with Maria and do "check-in" visits with her because I hold her in the highest regard and I know that she provides outstanding service. I constantly recommend her mind/body services to friends and family because I truly believe she is the best in her field. Her top qualities are: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."
-50-something business woman

"Maria is an extraordinary coach...her aptitude in providing guidance and setting realistic goals is unlike most. The simple solution is to tell people what to do... Maria's approach teaches us how to self-realize our solutions and has mastered the art of accountability. In any situation, she understands the full circle of coaching, not just a particular area of life, but life in its entirety... mind, body and soul."
-49 year old businessman 

"After a year and a half of dealing with the stress of the recession, I was exhausted. I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore and what was important to me. I felt lost and not sure how to find myself and the optimistic, happy woman I was at one time. I worked with Maria on a couple different activities. One of the programs was an Introduction to Meditation course. I learned how to be still and breathe. The course included light yoga that included meditation. I was feeling so much better and was incorporating meditation in my daily life, especially at work. Then Maria suggested we work on sub-personality work to help me identify the “real me”. It was fun to go through the process and to dig into the different parts of me and to identify which ones have become suppressed and to work to find balance within myself. Maria also tied in positive affirmation work throughout the process. Today, I still incorporate the work Maria and I did in my daily life. I am better prepared to handle the stress of the day; in fact I am able to help others breathe through their own stress. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone that is looking for ways to cope with stress or would like help with identifying who they are."
41 year old female Operations Manager

"When I started working with Maria, I had the mindset of "I don't really need to see a counselor.  After my first session that thinking was quickly dispelled, and I saw the value in having the time and space to talk to a licensed counselor.  I now have the mindset that almost anyone could benefit from counseling!  Maria helped me sort through my feelings and experiences, both positive and negative, and learn a different way to think about myself and my life. "
-26 year old female school teacher

“Wonderful to experience spiritual healing with emotional guidance – a talented guide that lets the power of spirit work. Highly recommend Maria.”
-58 year old musician, entrepreneur, married to a great woman

"Having been in and out of traditional counseling for thirteen years while silently pleading on my knees for an answer, for peace, I am grateful for my current counselor in Maria who does not plead the fifth or subtitles other's work. Expression of my physical experiences and feelings along with my inner divinity and truths has made all the difference in obtaining the seemingly elusive form of “better” with a knowing hope of more. My spirituality is my psychology, beautifully entwined together and growing in harmony for the first time."
-30 year-old evolving woman, wife and mother

Maria Shea
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